• It takes a village to raise a child


  • Coffee of the Month: Tanzanian Ruvuma Peaberry

    This is an amazing coffee from the Ruvuma region in Tanzania’s southernmost area, bordering Mozambique. Coffee from this region is comprised of several small family-owned farms which are worked by … more

  • Calling all chocolate lovers!

    Our chocolates, cocoa powder and hot cocoa mixes are here and best of all they are: 100% made in Ghana! Fortunately, it is getting easier to find fair trade chocolate and cocoa mixes, even in … more

  • Light Up Their Lives! Project

    Last autumn, we made a decision to start a new and exciting project in Uganda at the suggestion of one of our favorite people around… thank you Paul! One of these days, we are really going to have … more

Featured Member

Pretty, Quality control manager

Pretty has been working at Imvello Eswatini since 2010. She originally started sewing their beautiful bags but her potential was immediately obvious and she was quickly promoted. Pretty now works as … more