• It takes a village to raise a child


  • Coffee of the Month: Papua New Guinea Peaberry

    We generally carry African coffees; but this is something Mama knows you will love! Grown at an altitude of 4,000 to 5,000 feet in an area with in an area with abundant rainfall and rich, well … more

  • Light Up Their Lives! Project

    Last autumn, we made a decision to start a new and exciting project in Uganda at the suggestion of one of our favorite people around… thank you Paul! One of these days, we are really going to have … more

Featured Member

Nmabila Aniah, Weaver

Let us start with an introduction. Can you tell me your name, a little about you, where you live, your family, and what important to you in life? My name is Nmabila I come from Zoko a village in … more