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Coffee of the Month: Papua New Guinea Peaberry

enter image description hereWe generally carry African coffees; but this is something Mama knows you will love! Grown at an altitude of 4,000 to 5,000 feet in an area with in an area with abundant rainfall and rich, well drained volcanic soil, this peaberry coffee comes to us from the small nation of Papua New Guinea.

It is grown and processed on the Kimel Estate, known for its superior bean quality. Although not a certified organic coffee, it is grown with little use of chemicals.

Our roaster's notes: Balanced, complex , full bodied, chocolate undertones with a long sweet finish. Mama absolutely loves it and thinks you will too.

Remember: we sell FULL POUND quantities, not the 12oz bags that others do. They are packaged in two half-pound bags to preserve freshness. After all, we ship just days after roasting; so why ruin the flavor?