• It takes a village to raise a child



Country: Ghana

We first started trading with Patex in 2002, after they were recommended by a local non-profit organization in Ghana. We are so happy that they made the introduction!

The cooperative members are 96% women and 99% of those in leadership positions are women, including an elected executive board. One exception is a cooperative (which falls under this umbrella group) which makes many of our carvings, they are Asante craftsmen. Carving, in most parts of Africa is a skill that is taught to young men by master craftsmen.

Many of the members live in Northern Ghana; but we occasionally source products from other areas through this group, which has connections with cooperatives from other ethnic groups like the Krobo or Asante (Ashanti).

The Krobo are world-renowned for their crushed glass beads, which they have made for over a century, used in a coming-of-age ceremony for young women called Dipo. We carry their necklaces at our Jewelry Stand.

Like most of the cooperatives we trade with, members depend solely on income from their handicrafts, during certain seasons or all year.

Their current needs are: Funds for school books, farming supplies, mosquito nets, clothing, office supplies, toys, wheelchairs, eyeglasses, buckets, blankets, lanterns and building supplies.