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Progressive Women's Association

Country: Ghana

enter image description here In the heart of northern Ghana's Bolgatanga region are a group of women whose works you simply must see! Progressive Women's Association is a cooperative of women who live in the poorest area of Ghana, the Upper East Region.

In order to make up for the difficult living conditions and lack of income during the dry season, caused by drought, these women are creating beautiful things so that they can continue to care for their families. About half of the families in the Upper East Region depend on their crafts to support them through this hard time of the year.

Thanks to the ladies at P.W.A you can bring a little of the wonderful Ghanaian culture into your home including: basketry, musical instruments, fabrics and clothing as well as the occasional special find.

Mama loves these women and their work. Thanks to the ladies' hospitality in welcoming Mama Afrika into their lives, you are now able to appreciate their work, while helping them to live their lives in dignity.

enter image description hereTheir needs include: school books for village children, toys to be given to schools and community, office supplies to be used in cooperative office and group leader’s homes.

Our partnership with P.W.A started in 2001 and we look forward to many more years to come...