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Country: Zimbabwe

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Our partnership with Zambuko, which means “bridge” in the Shona language, began in 2013. They are one of our smallest cooperatives, made up of fewer than a dozen women. But, size isn’t everything and each person matters. The quality of their work is exceptional and they bring us some of the most beautiful pieces of artwork including beadwork animals and basketry out of recycled plastic.

Their baskets are sturdy and great for the beach since you can spray them clean after use. And their beadwork is simply amazing!

You’ll find their items at our Basketry Stand as well as at our Special Items Stand. Keep visiting this page for updates concerning their specific projects and needs.

enter image description here Artisans from this cooperative face challenges like providing education to their children as well as illnesses such as diabetes and HIV. As they grow, they are looking forward to improving the lives of their children and their community.

Strong, beautiful and artistic… they are sure to use their talent to create a bridge to a brighter future for themselves and their families, one sale at a time.

Their current needs include: acquiring a van, school books, toys, wheelchairs, computers, eyeglasses, welding machines, generators, sewing machines and they really want building supplies to build their workshop; but would first have to acquire land to build it on.