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Dorcas Nyaabire, Weaver

Cooperative: Progressive Women's Association

Let us start with introduction. Can you tell your name, a little about you, where you live, your family and what is important to you in life?

My name is Dorcas Nyaabire I come from Bolga-Sherigu and married to Yikine. I have two children and am twenty-one years old. What is important to me is to be economically independent, to enable me meet the basic needs of my family.

What percent of your income comes from weaving?

65% of my income comes from weaving.

What responsibilities do you have other than weaving?

I do sometimes support my husband in farming, rearing of animals and harvesting elephant grass meant for weaving.

What is the biggest challenge that you are currently facing?

The biggest challenge that I am currently facing is the lack of ready and good market for baskets.

What will you like to do with future income?

I will like to establish a small shop at home and while at the shop I can still weave my baskets.

What is you dream for your children?

My dream is to educate my children to become medical doctors to support my community.

And now, for the question I ask everyone that I interview: If you could magically change one thing about Africa; what will it be?

Africans should be united and consume their own products.