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Bead work has been an art form in Africa since as long as anyone can remember.

The early Phoenicians traded beads with Egyptians and in the south, Zulu, Xhosa and other ethnic groups made beadwork way before Europeans made their way to that region. The San people, also known as Bushmen, made beads from items like ostrich eggs, (a tedious and difficult task), which they traded with neighboring groups.

The Masai in East Africa and the Krobo of West Africa are world renowned for their ability to make masterpieces out of a variety of bead types.

From ground glass to stone and clay, from bamboo to bone; African artists work with beads made from a vast array of materials.

Here, you'll find items made from beads. Some are decorative, like our animals, others are jewelry or other items intended for adornment.

We hope you enjoy this traditional art form as much as we do...