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Holiday and Religious

All across Africa, millions of families celebrate Christmas each year. For many in East Africa, it means a traditional Orthodox celebration, where Christmas is celebrated on the 7th of January instead of December 25th. For some Ugandan families, it means hanging tiny baskets from the tree which are filled with candies and chocolates for the children in the family. But no matter how they celebrate, African families will gather, children play and it will be a day filled with song, dance and happiness. For those of you who also celebrate Christmas, Mama and all her friends in Africa bring you these little ways to add a bit of Africa to the season. Purchasing these items is also another way to give a gift to some incredible African women in need...

We sell our holiday items all year because so many of you have shared lots of ways that you appreciate these items, not just for the holidays… but all year long! Keep those ideas coming, as we share just a few of our favorites here.

A few suggestions of what other uses your African ornaments can have:

  • Hang one from the rear-view mirror in your vehicle to add a little touch of Africa

  • Put a piece of jewelry inside to offer a very special gift

  • Fill a bowl with ornaments to add some African flare to a room in your home

  • Hang them from the tree filled with (wrapped) candies or chocolates like our friends in Uganda do

  • Use one as an accent piece to highlight a particularly special gift (tie with a ribbon to your gift wrap)

-Use to store rings and earrings, especially helpful when traveling!

-Keep on a bathroom counter to hold rings in when you wash your hands