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Music and Fun

Who could imagine an Africa without music? Africans have been beating drums, dancing to guitars and singing to other traditional instruments for generations past. Music is a way to honor the dead, celebrate new life, enjoy the blessings of a new harvest or to express so many other emotions.

Music and singing are a pleasure enjoyed by Africans everywhere. Yet styles of instruments and songs differ dramatically from one part of the continent to another. Africa is a rich in musical diversity. From mbiras played in Zimbabwe to the doringa violin from Ghana... and of course the very well-known Djambe of West Africa, Mama is always on the search for new ways to bring you the joy of African music. Whether you are already skilled at a traditional guitar and looking to try out a new instrument to express yourself through, or you are just looking to have a beautiful piece which you can hang and display in that special part of your home; Mama hopes you will find what you are looking for.

Mama also does her best to bring you traditional games and music so that your children can learn how other children entertain themselves. Mama is working hard to find new treasures that you can enjoy with your children, grandchildren, or that favorite niece or nephew. So please keep an eye out for new items.