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Thanks for visiting Mama Afrika! Our shop is currently offline while we're making adjustments to our catalog. We'll be back soon!

Special Finds

Mama has chosen this as the place to show you those one of a kind pieces that she hopes will please the collector in you. Here is where you will find those special finds that allow you a chance to share items of cultural importance or simply own a great art piece that you can share with others by displaying it and sharing its story with others.

If you are looking for an original art piece which also has traditional value, this is the place to come. Mama will be updating this area of the site often and adding new and interesting pieces as she finds them.

Occasionally, you'll see that some of the older collector pieces displayed here might not be fair trade items (don't worry, we'll tell you clearly if they aren't... otherwise you can know that they are!). But, even with these items, the "automatic donation" (included in the price of each item) will be made. So, you'll still be helping African women and children with your purchase.