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Coffee of the Month Club (6 months)

Price $156

Are you a regular customer who doesn't want to be hassled with reordering every month? Or perhaps you are a coffee lover who wants to discover all of our delicious, fair trade African coffees for the first time. Here is a great way to be sure you don't ever run out of our incredible coffee.

Although we love all of the coffees we carry, we feature a special coffee each month, these are often small batches that we are really excited about. Coffee club membership has the benefit of ensuring that you never miss out on this premium selection of our very finest coffees, (some of which are available in such limited quantities that they are only offered to club members).

Each month, we'll ship out one pound to our members and use a priority shipping method so that you receive your coffee just days after they have been roasted to perfection. Membership offers you convenience, speed of delivery and the assurance that you are always drinking the very best coffee Mama has available each month.

Coffees are shipped mid-month just days after they are roasted!

Shipping costs are included