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Helmet Mask N'Tomo

Price $45

The inspiration for this mask finds its origins with N’Tomo of Mali. It is worn during agricultural festivals and communal work.

A note about our masks: All of the masks currently listed here are made by Ashanti craftsman in Ghana. Some are used traditionally by the Akan peoples (the ethnic group that the Ashanti belong to); others are inspired by masks used outside of the Akan region of Africa.

The carvers are masters who were trained by their elders and they do also carve traditional pieces for their own Akan ceremonies. They are inspired by the original masks used in countries throughout Africa. They ARE of the highest quality craftsmanship.

They are not the lower-quality pieces you would find in an open market. These masks are a wonderful way to incorporate African masks into your decor without spending thousands of dollars for a delicate piece of art that you are too afraid to display. And, you'll never find carving of this high quality at such reasonable prices! We've seen much lesser quality pieces in galleries and zoo or museum gift shops for 3-5 times the price. But we keep our prices low because: Our goal is to feed African families; not overcharge our customers.