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Hippo small

Price $14.5

Hippopotamus babies are wonderful swimmers and they are oh-so cute! The hippopotamus is often associated with Africa and for good reason. Some say that they've existed there for 55 million years. They usually live in family groups of 5-10 members, which sometimes reach as many as 30. Don't let their looks fool you. Hippos are known throughout Africa to be fiercely protective of their young... and even the crocodiles know it!

Mama Afrika loves them for a couple of reasons: they show that you don't have a super-model body to be elegant (underwater in this case) and they are ever-protective mamas.

Our hippos come in a variety of colors and sizes; so yours may vary in color from those shown. But no matter the color, we are sure you will find them as adorable as we do. They are handmade by a woman's cooperative in Zimbabwe.