• It takes a village to raise a child


Ugandan Family of Dolls

Price $32

The beauty of the African family These hand sewn dolls from Uganda are traditionally dressed. The family is made up of a mother, father and little baby on the mother's back. The mother is wearing her best dress. No woman in Uganda would dress in anything but this if she were attending a wedding or other major festival.

Traditionally this dress would be made up of 6 meters of fabric and would be wrapped numerous times around the body. Sure sounds heavy to Mama!! But her friends in Uganda assure her that its comfortable to wear and that the women there look absolutely stunning when all dressed up like that. The mom doll is of course wearing her best jewelry as well. The male doll is dressed in a long tunic with pants underneath. All of the clothes are hand-sewn.

Lastly, is the little baby on the mother's back, carried in true African style: tied with a pretty piece of fabric, probably a shawl! These gorgeous dolls are intended for decorative or collection purposes.

Not for small children, as there may be small pieces.