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Woven clutch purse with fabric accent Orange

Price $30

This clutch-style purse is woven from Lutindzi Grass, 'celecloa setifera', (lutindzi in SiSwati) which is an indigenous grass that grows in abundance in the mountains and the rocky outcrops of Swaziland.

Not being suitable for cattle, the grass has been traditionally used as roofing material for the Swazi traditional beehive huts. Lutindzi is plentiful in summer and only harvested once a year.

The purse is fully lined and even has a small interior pocket for keys or a cell phone. Snap closure is hidden by a beautiful handmade clay bead in the shape of a heart and a lovely traditional African fabric adds some extra detail on the top, back and sides, also allowing for it to expand slightly.

Handmade in Swaziland.

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